The Creation Process

branding + web development

The Creation Process believes in its clients.

We are a skilled design studio that provides branding + web technology solutions for talented clients.

We cater best to people that are quick to understand their growth opportunities on the web.

We consult clients that have compelling communication + technology needs, and a desire for thoughtful solutions.

Our objective: Serve our clients. Help deliver brilliance to their customers.

Our History:

The Creation Process (TCP) was founded by Designer + Marketer Andrés Aquino, in 2003.

TCP works with many talented individuals, innovative enterprises, and established market leaders across many continents. We've also worked with many recognized brands, including Hershey, Pepsi + Frito Lay.

Our Name:

The Creation Process, came from our belief that, "great creativity must have a process to flow through."

Our tried and tested Creative Process is to:

  1. Understand the true nature of our client's problem(s);
  2. Distil the information and extract the essence of those problems;
  3. Design simple (yet deft) solutions.
  4. Refine for greater depth of success.

Our Services:

  1. Branding
    Brand Identity Creation, ReBranding, Wordmarks/logos, Name Creation, Essence Statement, Slogans.
  2. Design
    Web + Interface Design, Web Redesign, Marketing materials, Brochures, Packaging, Illustration/Icons, Creative Photography.
  3. Technology
    Web Applications (CMS, Ecommerce, Secure Portals), Consulting Services, Hosting, Web Maintenance, Site Reporting.

Recent Clients:

Got Questions?

We look forward to having the opportunity to discuss how The Creation Process can enhance your next important project.

Please contact Andrés Aquino (Principal + Creative Director) with any inquiries, opportunities, comments or concerns. You may also enjoy viewing our online portfolio.

direct: 416.850.2500


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